Autumn 1989, a young couple indulged their passion for hospitality by setting up a hotel and restaurant on the outskirts of Belgrade (9 km from city) inspired by the charms of the surrounding vineyard and orchards of the 2 hectare estate.  Thus came about Radmilovac, the essential  meeting place for food connoisseurs.  The 20 standard  rooms in Radmilovac are tastefully furnished and equipped with the amenities in each room arranged to meet every guest needs. All the rooms have a television, WI FI facilities, newspapers  and magazines. To create great dishes, one has to start with first class ingredients. The owner goes every day to the Belgrade’s best Farmers market, Kalenić, to choose the best the nature has to offer. The fresh seasonal ingredients are the essential element of our diverse menu. Thus, after 25 years the owners passionately create new flavours and also reinvent your favourite culinary classics. Distance from Belgrade airport is 19 km.