As in all big cities, finding a parking space in the central streets of Belgrade during working hours is very tricky and we recommend vehicles be parked in a public car park.


Call centre (00-24), Kraljice Marije 7,
tel. 3035-400, fax 3031-707

The Spider (’Pauk’) tow-away service (00-24),
Staro sajmište bb, tel. 301-7070

Parking zones

Parking areas on the streets in the centre of Belgrade (within the number 2 circular tram route) are divided into three parking zones where parking time is limited and payment is made for each full or incomplete hour:
Red zone - maximum 1 hour
Yellow zone - maximum 2 hours
Green zone - maximum 3 hours

Parking areas within these three parking zones are indicated by special traffic signs bearing the colour of the zone as well as by road markings. Parking is payable in all three zones on week days from 07.00-21.00 and Saturdays from 07.00 and 14.00. Once the allowed time has expired, the driver must move his or her vehicle. A parking warden will leave a fine payment order under the windscreen wipers if he should fail to do so.

Payment methods for parkingin the three zones are:
Parking tickets - these are purchased at kiosks and other points of sale. The time of arrival should be written on the ticket and it should be displayed on the inside of the windscreen.
Parking ticket machines (only in the red zone) - machines selling parking tickets take coins and electronic parking cards
Mobile phone - by sending an SMS containing the registration number of the vehicle (for example BG123456, without spaces) to 9111, 9112 or 9113 (depending on the zone), from any mobile network.

Confirmation that payment has been made by SMS will arrive in the form of a return SMS to the users mobile, detailing the parking service they have paid for. The user must keep the return SMS as proof that they have paid to park in the event that they are erroneously issued a fine. Should the user not receive a return message confirming payment for parking within two minutes, SMS payment for parking has failed and they will not be charged for the service. The user may obtain information about the status of currently paid parking in a zone by sending an SMS with a "?" in the text to the number for that zone. A reminder of the expiry of the parking period will arrive five to 10 minutes before expiry in the form of an SMS message sent to the user’s mobile phone. The user may extend the parking period for an additional hour by sending an SMS message containing the same registration number or just a "*" to the same parking zone number. Once the maximum parking time allowed has expired, the user may not pay to park by SMS for the next 15 minutes.

Other parking areas

Parking areas outside the three central zones, which are marked by the usual traffic signs, can be used for an unlimited time period and are paid for on an hourly or daily basis between 7.00 and 21.00 on work days and on Saturdays from 7.00 to 14.00.

Public car parks

Parking in public garages is payable per full or incomplete hour:
PIONIRSKI PARK, Dragoslava Jovanovića 4, tel: 3344-416
OBILIĆEV VENAC, Obilićev venac 14, tel: 2630-824
ZELENI VENAC, Kraljice Natalije 13, tel: 361-1515
MASARIKOVA, Masarikova 4-6, tel: 2645-922
VUKOV SPOMENIK, Ruzveltova 1, tel: 3370-915
AIRPORT, tel: 209-4958 (there are also facilities for secure longer-stay vehicle parking)

The parking area for tourist coaches is situated at Vidin kapija, at the foot of the Belgrade Fortress.

Illegally parked vehicles, at the instruction of the Traffic Police, are towed to several different locations, depending on the location of the violation:

- From Novi Beograd and Zemun: Staro sajmište
- From the city centre: Vidin kapija and Slavija
- From the south of the city: Ada Ciganlija
A police fine and vehicle towing tax are payable.

Illegally parked vehicles towed at the instruction of the public utilities inspectors (in the event that they were parked on a grassed surface) are towed to:
- Blok 66, Dr Agostina Neta, tel: 317-6465
A public utilities fine and vehicle towing tax are payable.

Parking PasS

Parking PasS is a temporary parking card for garages and parking lots, valid for a certain period of time. The cards can be purchased exclusively for three time periods - 24 hours, 3 days and 7 days.

Provides more convenient parking and an unlimited number of entrances / exits to 21 garages and parking operated by the Parking Service. It is activated by first entering the parking lot, by inserting a card into the entry machine.

Parking PasS allows two bicycles to be used free of charge in parking lots with the "Park and Bike" system, from April 1st to November 1st.

The card can be purchased at all garages and parking lots operated by the Parking Service, as well as at Customer Service.

Price list of cards: Parking pass - 24 hours = 1500.00 RSD, Parking pass - 3 days = 3500.00 RSD and Parking pass - 7 days = 6500.00 RSD.

The eCard is valid for 3 years from the date of production.

For easy identification of the objects on which the Parking PasS Card is valid, the service logo at the entrance is displayed.