Vinča Archaeological Site

The archeological site Belo brdo is located in Vinča, about twenty kilometers from the Belgrade city center. Miloje M. Vasić, the first Serbian formally trained archaeologist, is the author of the first archaeological research in the first half of the 20th century.  He showed the beauty of the Vinča civilization to the world, and these discoveries left a profound impact. Owing to the discoveries from the Neolithic period, most notably anthropomorphic figurines, Vinča is one of the most important sites on the map of world cultural heritage.

The items exhibited in the museum at this archaeological site illustrate the life in this Neolithic settlement. The abundance of discoveries confirm that this site was one of the most important trade and craft centers of that age. The people of Vinča lived in this area for a full thousand years, from 5200 until 4600 BC. They lived in houses built in neat rows, and had no gardens or outer buildings. The curator of the Belgrade City Museum and host of this archaeological site will paint an accurate picture for its visitors, helping them imagine the life in this ‘metropolis’ of the oldest European civilization.