The Residence of Prince Miloš

The Residence of Prince Miloš was built in 1834 in both Turkish and Balkan styles, and is one of the last edifices in Serbia to reflect the traces of Ottoman architecture, art and culture. The Residence is a typical example of old-fashioned architecture, with a wide porch, spacious guest house and some kind of a balcony with glass panels, where Prince Miloš probably relaxed, enjoyed the nature while smoking a chibouk and drank coffee.

The permanent exhibition also boasts ‘ambient corners’ that illustrate the aspects of private and everyday lives of both city dwellers and villagers in the 19th century. In front of the edifice, under the tree top of the 170-year-old plane, the visitors can see a round stone named ‘binjektaš’ (a mounting block) which Prince Miloš used to climb his horse.