The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is located on the ground floor of the impressive building of the First Telephone Exchange built in 1908 in the Serbian and Byzantine styles. The exhibition traces the history of postal and telephone traffic and illustrates many historically relevant details of technical and technological innovations from the 19th century until today. In the hall of the Museum, the visitors are greeted by a zeppelin from the 19th century which was used for the transport of post and passengers on the Istra territory, and which President Tito gave as a gift to the Museum.

One of the most important exhibits is the first Morse telegraph in Serbia from 1855, then Hughes telegraph introduced in Serbia in 1891, an ‘Edisophone’ - a mechanical dictation machine from 1912, and authentic phones from the period from 1882 until today. The telephone King Petar I used from 1904 to 1911 is especially interesting to visitors.