The Museum of Yugoslavia

The collection of the Museum of Yugoslav History, i.e. the Museum itself, was created by joining the collections of “Josip Broz Tito” Memorial Center and the Museum of the Revolution of Yugoslav Peoples. Over 200,000 exhibits chronicle the history of Yugoslavia in the 20th century, with the special emphasis on the life and work of Josip Broz Tito. The Museum of Yugoslav History houses: the 25th May Museum, Old Museum and the House of Flowers. The Museum also encompasses a park with sculptures by artists Augustinčić, Kršinić, Bodnarov, Vladeta Petrić, etc.

Every weekend, all visitors who have paid for their tickets will have the opportunity to enjoy free guided tours of the Museum of Yugoslav History, in both English and Serbian. The tour starts from the entrance gates of the Museum and winds through all sections of the Museum - from Sculpture Park, the House of Flowers and the Old Museum all the way to the 25th May Museum.

You can visit Museum of Yugoslavia with combo ticket "“MUSEUMS 4 YOU”

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