The Museum of Paja Jovanović

The legacy of Paja Jovanović is housed in one of the old residential buildings in Kralja Milana Street. The high-ceilinged apartment, in which the legacy of this great Serbian painter is kept, is not the location on which he lived when he was in Belgrade. However, it has been designed to closely resemble his studio in Vienna, and many relevant furniture pieces were actually brought from there. Moreover, the permanent exhibition boasts his painting tools and supplies, personal documents, diplomas and medals, notes, memoires and a part of his correspondence.

In the first room, the visitors can see the first phase of his artistic expression, focused on landscapes, whereas the next room houses his paintings depicting historical events. By far the most impressive room is the room with portraits in which models are often life-sized. The impressive portraits of his wife and muse at the very entrance to the Museum make the picture complete.