The Historical Archive of Belgrade

The Historical Archive of Belgrade houses a variety of archives and collections that provide important information about the history of Belgrade and Serbia. The material in the Archive is mainly in Serbian and German, with a number of documents in Turkish, French, Hungarian, Russian, Italian, Romanian, Hebrew and other languages.

The oldest document kept in the Archive originates from the second half of the 16th century, The Dialogue between an Ottoman Turk and a Christian about the military and political situation, written in Turkish. The oldest fund is that of theMagistrate in Zemun, whose collection originates from 1749 when Zemun was declared a free royal town, and exempted from the property of the Schönbrunn family. The materials are mainly written in German. The following collections are the most extensive: the Belgrade City Assembly, Belgrade City Court, Belgrade City Administration, Magistrate of Zemun, Zemun District Court and the Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade.