Jevrem Grujić’s House

Jevrem Grujić’s House is a cultural monument of exceptional importance, the first building to be protected by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in 1961, and the only Serbian historic home in the European Historic Houses Association. The eminent Serbian statesman, diplomat and progressive leader Jevrem Grujić built this house in 1896 in the style of French Neo-Baroque and Neo-Renaissance.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, the drawing rooms of this edifice were the venue where glamorous city balls were organized for the city’s social elite, as well as diplomatic gatherings at which the matters regarding the future of the young Serbian state were decided. Today, this private city museum reveals the way of life and a unique art collection of one of the most eminent diplomatic families in Serbia. Here you can see restored artworks of the greatest Serbian painters, a collection of weapons from the First and the Second Serbian Uprising, including the rifles of Hajduk Veljko and Tanasko Rajić, as well as the oldest preserved wedding gown in Serbia, dated to 1852.