The Belgrade City Museum

The Belgrade City Museum, formerly the Municipal Museum, was founded by the municipal authorities of Belgrade City in 1903. In 1935, the Museum moved to the building owned by the Vučo trading family. The collection of items from the period of prehistory, with a large part dedicated to the period of antiquity, and a collection of engravings and maps of Belgrade from the 16th to the 19th century tell the story about the long and rich history of one of the oldest cities in Europe. Due to insufficient space, there is not a permanent exhibition in the museum, and this treasure is waiting for an opportunity to be displayed in a manner worthy of it.

In addition, the Belgrade City Museum houses other exhibitions with cultural and historical themes (Residence of Princess Ljubica, Sekulić Icon Collection), local history (Local History Museums in Zemun and Mladenovac), memorial (the Museums of Toma Rosandić, Јovan Cviјić, Paјa Јovanović, the Memorial Museum of Ivo Andrić and the Banjica Concentration Camp Museum), along with the archeological site in Vinča.