Topčider Park

In the oldest Belgrade park in the Topčider river valley, besides exuberant greenery you can also see Belgrade’s rich history. Some of the buildings that were once built there no longer exist, but you can enjoy the greenery, peacefulness and preserved nature located just a few kilometers away from the city center.

The main site of the park is the Residence of Prince Miloš, which combines the Balkan and oriental style, with authentic furniture and portraits of significant figures throughout the 19th century, bringing back memories from the time when Prince Miloš Obrenović lived there.  Today this historical building, which treasures the authenticity from the time when the Obrenović family lived there, can be visited any day of the week. One of the oldest and most beautiful platanus trees in the whole of Europe can be found in front of this building. It is officially protected, being claimed as a natural rarity (about 180 years old). The tree was planted at the time when the building was being constructed and its circumference amounts to almost around 7.5 meters.