Today’s Košutnjak, park, forest and city outing, was encircled with a high fence up until the start of the 20th century. The hunting grounds that belonged to the Palace of the Obrenović family were inhabited by doe (serbian: košuta), the animals the park was named after. This area, rich in nature, history and culture, just a little outside of the city center, is ideal for relaxation, exercise, and brushing up on your knowledge of Belgrade’s cultural heritage. This part of the city is also famous for the cafes, bars and restaurants it has, where you can find good entertainment and tasty food.

We recommend that you drink some water at the Hajdučka česma (the fountain of the freedom fighters) which is located at the foot of the hill. According to legend, the fountain was given its name after the place where Prince Miloš gathered with the freedom fighters in secret. Heading down the hillock, the shaded path from the Hajdučka česma stretches to the field where there is a wrought iron fence, which marks the place where Prince Mihailo was killed on May 29th, 1868.