Friendship Park

Friendship Park was founded in 1961 when the first conference of NAM was held, which is also when each delegation and important guest planted a tree: Indira Gandhi, Nasser, Gaddafi, Sihanouk, Selassie, Reza Pahlavi, Nehru, Bourguiba, Bandaranaike, Sukarno. In later years, many statesmen contributed to the creation of this park: Elizabeth II of England, Margrethe II of Denmark, Juan Carlos of Spain, and presidents such as Fidel Castro, François Mitterrand, Richard Nikson, Jimmy Carter... It wasn’t only official statesmen who participated in this event. Fascinated by the idea, the Rolling Stones also planted a tree in Friendship Park before their concert in Belgrade in 2007.

The formation of this memorial park with one hundred and eighty platanus trees, each planted by statesmen, delegation officials and “aristocratic” guests of Belgrade, represents a historical event and stands for the idea of individuals coming together in the name of peace and friendship.