City Park in Zemun

Zemun Park, whose name had been changed several times throughout history, today represents a protected area in the cultural and historical core of Zemun and is one of the oldest oases treasured by Zemun locals. The authentic building of the Zemun high school was built in 1880 in the area where there was once a type of quarantine isolation for goods and people who came in from different countries. On the facade you can still see the words “Velika realka” (High School). It was cleaned up, decorated and greenery was planted not only around the high school, but also around the Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Chapel. This became known as the Little Park, and later it expanded and became present-day’s City Park of Zemun.

The branches of the hundred-year-old trees shade the walkways leading to the monument to the partisan bomber, the bust of the Serbian poet Branko Radičević and to the column dedicated to the French writer Alphonse de Lamartine in remembrance to his days spent in the quarantine.