Belgrade Arena is the largest sports hall in Belgrade with a universal hall for all sports events: basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis and athletics. When needed, it can be turned into an ice hall, hall for cultural events, as well as for concerts. Total surface area of the hall is 48,000 m2 and it has between 20,000 and 25,000 seats for visitors and the state-of-the-art equipment for all scheduled events.

City bus lines that have stops near the Arena are: 17, 18, 67, 68, 74, 88 и 601. Bus lines which are within the walking distance of Arena: 16, 65, 68, 71, 75, 94 и 95. Tram lines which have stops relatively close to the Arena: 7, 9 and 11.

Address: 58 Bulevar Aresenija Čarnojevića St.
You can get information about tickets only at EVENTIM’s number 0900/ 11 00 11 or via e-mail All further information about events can be obtained via e-mail
Phone:+381 11 220 22 22


This temple of sports, recreation, health, recovery and revitalization is located in the heart of the city in 27 Deligradska St. This sports center offers Belgrade’s visitors and citizens a large number of halls for basketball, football and volleyball at their disposal, as well as the halls for fitness and recreation, martial arts, fitness room - gym and group fitness programs. The Center has a hydro section with a small and large swimming pool with dry and wet saunas, and this section is designed for different types of massages and has a hydro bath as well for relaxation and recovery. Moreover, numerous sports programs are conducted in the pool, from swim trainings for children and adults to water fitness.

Address: 27 Deligradska St
Phone: +381 11 265 87 47


Sports and recreation center Tašmajdan is a sports facility in Belgrade, opened in 1958. The center contains: Tašmajdan Open Stadium, Aleksandar Nikolić Hall, Pionir Ice Hall, a recreation center and a variety of indoor and outdoor swimming pools

Aleksandar Nikolić hall is the largest sports hall in Belgrade after Belgrade Arena. It was opened on May 24th, 1973, under the name Pionir Hall. The hall is a part of the “Pionir” sports complex, which is a part of the SRC Tašmajdan, in Bogoslovija neighborhood in the municipality of Palilula.

Usable surface area of the hall is 16,000 m2, and the surface area of sports venues is 2,500 m2. Seating capacity is 5,878.

The stadium was completely reconstructed and opened on April 22nd, 2016. The following bands have held their concerts there: Električni orgazam, Van Gog, Piloti, Riblja Čorba and Galija.

During the winter of 2016, Tašmajdan once again opened the greatest outdoor ice rink in the city, which took some of the older generations back to the pleasant memories of Belgrade in the 60s and the 70s, when they used to gather at the stadium during winter for ice skating.

Swimming pool - swimming school for children and adults, professional swimming school, water polo school, recreational day and night swimming.

Recreation center - various programs and program combinations. Conditioning, anti-cellulite program, aerobics, weight loss program, massage,Turkish bath, sauna, jacuzzi, hydro massage, corrective gymnastics and swimming, body building, Taš trim program (combined programs - step ladders, swimming exercise, sauna, massage, etc).

Address: 71 Beogradska St
Phone: +381 11 655 65 01


PIONIR HALL - basketball, gymnastics, gym, judo, aerobics, volleyball.
ICE HALL - recreational skating, skating school, hockey.

Address: 39 Čarli Čaplina St
Phone: +381 11 276 65 66


Great hall: basketball, handball, volleyball, indoor football
Small hall: indoor football, martial arts and other sports
Fitness hall
Table tennis hall
Voždovac tennis court
Billiard club

Address: 4 Crnotravska St
Phone: +381 11 266 77 80, +381 11 266 08 26, +381 11 266 06 40


Banjica Sports Center was built in 1973 on the surface of 4.7 hectares, and its founder is the municipality of Voždovac.
The facility is intended for competitive and recreational sports, and both for clubs and recreational athletes.
The Center has an indoor Olympic pool (2000 seats and standing area for 1000), 2 outdoor Olympic pools, 6 tennis courts. It is designed for water sports competitions, as in water polo, swimming, synchronized swimming.

Address: 4 Crnotravska St
Phone: +381 11 266 77 80


SRC “11. April” (11th April) started working on December 20th, 1979. The surface area of the facility is 15,000 m2, with 11,000 m2 being sports fields. It is located near Studentski grad (Student City) in the municipality of Novi Beograd. It is intended for recreational athletes, as well as professionals in swimming, water polo, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis etc.

SRC “11. April” has three outdoor swimming pools (small, medium and Olympic), three indoor pools (small, medium and large), a relaxing center, a fitness center with modern equipment, a hall for indoor sports, a universal hall, classrooms, an air-conditioned table tennis hall, three outdoor tennis courts and a shooting range.

SRC “11. April” is equipped with all the necessary areas, locker rooms with toilets and showers, as well as the infirmary.

The complex has two restaurants available to visitors, as well as the parking space with a large number of parking places.

Address: 2 Autoput St
Phone: +381 11 269 71 21, +381 11 267 29 39, +381 11 267 15 47


Great hall: 3000-5000 seats (basketball, handball, volleyball and other sports); two small halls for martial arts; gym.

Address: 20 Pariske komune St
Phone: +381 11 260 16 58


It is intended for all indoor sports, basketball, volleyball, handball, martial arts, table tennis and rhythmic gymnastics.  The complex has two outdoor basketball courts for recreation, a shooting range for air weapons, a fitness center, a ballet studio and a swimming pool. The hall has 1980 individual seats and 600 group seats and 6 telescopic seating platforms for martial arts tournaments. It was built on the foundations of the Cultural Center and High School for Physical Education, and it was officially opened on October 21st, 1974, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the victory over fascism. It was named Center for Sports, Youth and Pioneers “PINKI”, and it is still the symbol of Zemun.

With the great and small sports halls, bowling alley, exclusive cafes and clubs and over 8,000m2 of office space, CSC “PINKI-ZEMUN” intends to regain its special place in the sports and business offer of Zemun and Belgrade.

Address: 2 Gradski park
Phone: +381 11 316 39 66


Swimming pools: three outdoor, one indoor, training for non-swimmers, professional swimming school, water polo; two halls: basketball, indoor football, handball and other sports; sauna, massage, recreation for women.

Address: 63 Tadeuša Košćuška St
Phone: +38111 381 81 15


Small pool for swimming training for children and adults.

Address: 1 Sjenička St
Phone: +381 11 344 53 34, +381 69 885 14 07


Sports center “Olimp Zvezdara” is located on one of Belgrade’s highest points, near Zvezdara forest, amidst greenery and fresh air. It extends over 50,000m2, which include outdoor and indoor sports fields, pool complex, amphitheater, trim tracks, track and field training ground, tennis courts, fitness center, indoor football area, the administrative building with accompanying facilities, green and other areas.

Address: 11 Vjekoslava Kovača St
Phone: +381 11 241 23 53, +381 11 241 16 36, +381 66 296 983


Sports center “Šumice” was built in 1973, and it started working in 1974. 500,000 people visit this sports center each year. The great sports hall with bleachers has 1000 seats and standing area for 250 people. The center also has a hall with a stage with 350 seats, a press room and a table tennis hall. It is intended for handball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, indoor football and martial arts. Schools and courses for table tennis, karate, aerobics, aikido, fencing and performance dance are organized in the universal halls.

Address: 125/1 Ustanička St
Phone: +381 11 244 00 59, +381 62 1759 535


Sports center, covering 42ha in Košutnjak, is a unique center in the region integrating sports and sports medicine in one institution, with 3 great halls, 3 small halls, outdoor pool, outdoor courts: football, handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis courts, boules area, trim track, pools covering 7ha in Košutnjak (5 outdoor pools: Olympic, for diving, for training, recreational and for children), school for non-swimmers, children and adults, and sports schools for: basketball, aikido, karate, the center for motor ability research and the center for sports medicine and psychology.

Address: 72 Kneza Višeslava St
Phone: +381 11 355 54 60 


The sports hall, as part of the PC SCC Obrenovac, has 3,500 seats and for over 30 years it has been providing opportunities for organizing various sports activities, trainings, recreation, matches, tournaments in almost all sports disciplines held in similar facilities. 

By retracting telescopic bleachers, the usable area of the hall increases to 2000m2 which makes it possible for a larger number of users to train and attend PE, or competition participants who want to use several fields to be there.

Sports and Culture Center Obrenovac offers both an outdoor and an indoor Olympic pool. A great advantage is the extraordinary heating of the indoor swimming pool from Obrenovac thermal power plants, which enables the water temperature to be above 28 degrees. Apart from floor heating, bathrooms with showers, there are also two saunas for 35 people, with constant supervision of doctors and lifeguards.

Address: 63 Kralja Aleksandra I St
Phone: +381 11 872 13 61