Football complex
Two large football pitches with artificial turf of the latest generation and comfortable dressing rooms. 

Futsal courts
At the roundabout on the left bank of the Sava Lake there are four 40x20m courts, three with concrete surfaces and one with a tartan surface. These courts are extremely popular and are mostly used for futsal.

Basketball courts
There are four basketball courts of non-standard dimensions (smaller than standard) located between the football complex and the golf club, and there are seven standard basketball courts (28 x 15 m), located between the football complex and the tennis hall. The courts have concrete surfaces and stands, and two also have court light, which is extremely suitable for organizing basketball events during the evenings.

Volleyball courts
There is a beach volleyball stadium with two fenced volleyball courts, stands and lighting next to the Round Bath. In addition to the stadium, a large number of catering facilities have beach volleyball courts as part of their offer.

Within the central sports fields, there are six standard concrete courts (18 x 9 m) on the left bank of the Sava Lake. These courts are widely popular and open to all visitors.

Tennis complex
The tennis complex is located behind the football complex, surrounded by a picnic area, open sports fields and a bike path. It has a tennis hall and five outdoor tennis courts. This complex is for commercial use.

The hall has two courts with hard surface which have been made following the surface model used on the US Open. In addition to the courts, the hall has a room for conditioning, dressing rooms with toilets, shower cabins, a coffee bar, a balcony and an office.

There are two clay courts at the Round Bath.

CANOE FEDERATION OF SERBIA is located on Novi Beograd's side and in the past 50 years it has grown into a modern organization that gathers over 30 canoe clubs.

Rowing at Ada Ciganlija has a very long and rich tradition. The 33rd European Championship, which was opened by King Aleksandar Karađorđević, was held on the Sava Lake a long time ago, in 1932. Since then rowing at Ada Ciganlija has been one of the most popular sports, and young rowers have been achieving success in world-class competitions year after year. Because of this future definitely has the organization of top-level competitions in store for Ada Ciganlija.

Baseball court
There is one of our most beautiful baseball courts opposite the beach volleyball court at the Round Bath at Ada Ciganlija where different competitions are held.

Rugby court
There is a standard rugby court on Novi Beograd's side of Ada Ciganlija, in the immediate vicinity of the Round Bath.

The golf complex is located in the most beautiful part of Ada Ciganlija and is only 4 km from the Belgrade downtown. It extends to 16 hectares, and the golf course has 9 fields that meet strict world standards.  

Ada Ciganlija has a most modern 11.2-km-long bike path, which runs around the Sava Lake. You can rent bicycles at Ada Ciganlija throughout the year at three locations: on the Novi Beograd's side at the roundabout, on the Makiš side near the parking lot and in the vicinity of the zip-lane on the Makiš side of Ada Ciganlija.

Roller skates
The Ada Ciganlija Roller Skating School was founded in 2006 in Belgrade and having organized over 4000 classes, it is one of the largest roller skating schools in the region today.

It applies standards of the International Inline Skating Association (ISSA) and offers roller skating classes for all age categories.

Recreational fishing
Recreational fishing at Ada Ciganlija takes place on the entire Sava Lake. Fishing does not take place during the competitions in water sports, as well as during the summer season, when fishermen can only fish in the fenced area.

You can go fishing from 5 am to 9 pm during summer, and from 7 am to 4 pm during winter. Night fishing is strictly prohibited.


Trim park
The trim park extends over 1200 m². It is surrounded by an ash wood and a fitness trail that is covered with crushed branches. This unique outdoor gym has 24 pieces of equipment for all muscle groups.

Fitness trail
The Holmer's fitness trail is located next to the trim park and is ideal for walking and running.

Signs are placed at every 100 m of this 1-km-long trail for easier orientation. The surface of thick layer of sawdust and sand is ideal for running and walking for persons of all ages and physical conditions.

Mini golf
The mini golf course is located at the Summer Administration and it opens once the weather clears.

Yoga park
Free yoga classes are held every Sunday in the Yoga Park during summer.

Center for People with Disabilities
The Center for People with Disabilities is one among a great number of facilities at Ada Ciganlija which pay special attention to people with disabilities.

There is a court adapted for people with disabilities which is protected by a wooden fence and has a special green concrete base designed for blind and visually impaired.