Tourist Info Center Knez Mihailova St.

The main Tourist Info Center is located in Knez Mihailova Street, the most beautiful street in Belgrade. Belgrade visitors can get all necessary tourist information and general information about the city here, as well as discover places to visit that are culturally or historically significant and they can find out about manifestations and current events that are going to take place. Free tourist maps, brochures and promo materials are available.

Tourists can also choose from special tours like the Royal Complex Tour, Coffee Time with Princess Ljubica, Belgrade Underground, Nights of Traditional Serbian Dance in Skadarlija, panoramic sightseeing tours by bus, a sightseeing tour from the rivers, walking tours, one-day trips outside of Belgrade and other offers.

In this Info Center tourists can also find a souvenir shop, literature on Belgrade and tour guides of Belgrade and Serbia which will help visitors get a sense of the spirit and culture of our city. They will also be able to purchase souvenirs which will always be a reminder of the wonderful moments spent in our city.