Tickets can be purchased via SMS and in paper form.

SMS messages are sent in text format A90 for Zone A, B90 for Zone B, and C90 for Zone C. The message is sent to the number 9011.

ZONE A: New Belgrade, Zemun, Stari Grad, Savski Venac, Vozdovac, Cukarica, Vracar, Rakovica, Palilula, Zvezdara, Surcin, and Grocka (north of the road 347, Vrcin-Zaklopaca).

For clarification, all suburban municipalities except Grocka, which is divided in half, fall into Zone B.

ZONE B: Lazarevac, Mladenovac, Obrenovac, Barajevo, Sopot, and Grocka (south of the road 347).


The received return message serves as proof, and only the municipal police officer is the authorized person to check the tickets.

A 90-minute ticket in Zones A and B costs 50 dinars, and in Zone C, it costs 100 dinars, while a daily ticket in Zone A costs 120 dinars.

A weekly ticket in Zones A and B costs 800 dinars, and in Zone C, it costs 1,000 dinars.

The price of a monthly ticket has been reduced from 2,500 to 2,200 dinars for Zones A and B, while for Zone C, which covers the entire territory of the city, the price has been reduced from the announced 3,500 dinars to 3,300 dinars.

By entering A1, you will receive a daily ticket, A7 - a weekly ticket, and A30 - a monthly ticket.

The penalty for fare evasion will be 5,000 dinars, but if paid within 7 days, it will be reduced to 2,500 dinars.

Individuals over 65 years old have the right to a lifelong personalized public transport card. Starting today, they can obtain it with their personal ID at special branded points in all city municipalities, regardless of their place of residence. They will be photographed on the spot, and their personalized lifelong public transport card will be issued quickly.

Places where paper tickets can be purchased:

In the first "wave," which involves purchasing a paper ticket, it will be possible to do so at ten sales points, and during the summer, at least 250 kiosks at the busiest stations.

Currently, these are the following locations:

GSP "Belgrade" - 3 sales points - Skender Begova 47, Stari Grad

GSP "Belgrade" - 1 sales point - TC Trg Republike, Stari Grad

JKP "Naplata prevozne usluge" - 3 sales points - Knez Mihailova 6, 2nd floor, Stari Grad

GSP "Belgrade" - 1 sales point - Deligradska 10, Savski Venac

GO Novi Beograd (service center) - 2 sales points - Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 167, Novi Beograd

SP "Lasta" - 1 sales point - Mladenovac

SP "Lasta" - 1 sales point - Obrenovac

Bus Station "Lasta" - Sales Point 1 - Lazarevac

Bus Station "Lasta" - Sales Point 1 - Barajevo

Bus Station "Lasta" - Sales Point 1 - Sopot

Detailed information about the new pricing can be found at public transport stops, on LED screens inside the buses, and soon on advertising boards throughout the city.